General Rules

1. Project work is compulsory for all pupils from Sec 1 to Sec 4. Each student is allowed to sign up for only ONE project.

2. The total number of participants for each entry should not exceed 4 (unless approval is sought from the teacher-mentor and granted by the respective Category Manager). Members may comprise students from different levels or consortiums or schools or countries, but the age group should fall within 12 to 16 years, or equivalent to Sec 1 to Sec 4 age groups. For reasons of time management and having to meet up regularly, members are strongly encouraged to recruit fellow members from within the same consortium, or better still if it is within the same class.

3. Participants must register their entries online.

4. Each group must nominate a teacher-mentor within HCI (High School) for their entry, even if the group already has an external mentor (e.g. parent, lecturer from an external institution, etc).

5. The project must be done by the participants themselves with appropriate guidance from their mentor(s).

6. Each project group is expected to maintain a website which contains the Project Web-report. This web-report will have to be uploaded onto the HCI projects server by a stipulated deadline, a few days after the projects final evaluation.

7. Any part(s) of the projects which are obtained from other sources must be acknowledged (this includes the use of freeware web templates). Copyright laws are to be observed. More information are also available here:

8. Participants using live animals in their projects are required to consult their science teachers regarding proper treatment. More information are also available here:

9. Projects which are shortlisted to take part in external competitions such as Science and Engineering Fair, Green Wave competition, Tan Kah Kee Young Inventor's Award, etc, are allowed to be submitted as entries for Projects Evaluation. However, the guidelines for the internal competition must be strictly adhered to.

10. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to re-categorize a project where necessary.

11. The Organizing Committee will decide on the quanta of awards. The decision of the evaluation panel is final.

** The Organizing Committee comprises the Deputy Principal/Studies, Director/Studies, Projects Competition Manager.