Project work aims to develop global, independent lifelong learners by enhancing the research culture amongst both pupils and teachers. It facilitates learning beyond the classroom and provides a meaningful platform for students to apply and synthesize the knowledge gained from their thinking, research and IT skills lessons to solve real-life problems.

Over the years, the quality and quantity of the projects have taken a quantum leap, developing from subject and curriculum-based student's work to projects involving authentic research supported by an active mentorship program. The final products are submitted for the school wide Projects evaluation involving several rounds of oral presentations as well as a web-based report. Besides providing a platform for healthy competition, Project Work also provides the opportunity for pupils to keep in touch with external mentors or judges and this exposure to tertiary level academicians broadens the perspectives of our students considerably. The processes that all pupils have to undergo are invaluable to honing their skills as budding researchers.

Project Work has raised the confidence of our students to communicate their project clearly and effectively and to present and handle questions in front of a mass audience. It has also promoted in-depth research skills and knowledge, and enhanced students' skills in using Information Technology for research work and as a presentation tool. The collaborative work has helped to improve team dynamics and to equip our pupils with the right attitudes and social skills for future work life. Because of the inter-disciplinary nature of many projects, there is application and transfer of knowledge and skills across disciplines and the recognition of the relevance and inter-relatedness of what is learnt.