Resource Personnel

In charge:

Deputy Principal: Mrs Chin-Leow Bee Kuan
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Resource Person:

Dean, Strategic Programmes: Mr Ng Seaw Choon

For matters related to the administration of the projects competition, please direct your queries to:
Project Work Coordinator : Dr Chia Kok Pin
Office Tel : 64651070
rchiakokpin.jpgDr Chia Kok Pin

For matters related to the various project categories, please contact the relevant personnel below:

Category 1 : Experimental Research
Category Manager : Mrs Sow-Peh Yoke Keow
Assistant : Dr Yip Cheng Wai
PehYK-4.pngMrs Sow-Peh Yoke Keow XXXXXXXXXXYipCW-4.pngDr Yip Cheng Wai

Category 2 : Humanities and Language Arts Research
Category Manager : Dr Tommie Chen
Assistant: Ms Liew Pei Li
Tommie-3.pngDr Tommie ChenXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX LiewPeili-2.jpgMs Liew Pei Li

Category 3 : Inventions
Category Manager : Dr Tan Kok Kim
Assistant : Mr Fong Cheng Shek
TanKK-2.pngDr Tan Kok Kim XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXFongCS-2.pngMr Fong Cheng Shek

Category 4 : Resource Development
Category Manager : Ms Quah Lee Hwang
Assistant : Mr Eddie Lau
QuahLH-4.pngMs Quah Lee Hwang XXXXXXXXXXXXXXEddieLau-3.pngMr Eddie Lau

Category 5 : Creative Arts
Category Manager: Ms Ong Xi Wei Grace
Assistant : Mr Kuek Sway Swee
1.jpg Ms Ong Xi Wei GraceX XXXXXXXXXXKuekSS-4.pngMr Kuek Sway Swee

Category 6 : Chinese Language Arts
Category Manager : Mr Lam Yew Cheong
Assistant : Mr Tan Guan Chye
LamYC.PNGMr Lam Yew Cheong XXXXXXXXX XXTanGC-4.pngMr Tan Guan Chye

Category 7 : Service Learning
Category Manager : Mr Lim Chuan Chia
Assistant : Mr Low Swee Xiang
LimCC-4.pngMr Lim Chuan Chia XXXXXXXXX XX XLow Swee Xiang .pngMr Low Swee Xiang

Category 8 : Mathematics
Category Manager : Mrs Ang-Chua Ee Ling
Assistant : Dr Ang Lai Chiang
Ee Ling.jpgMrs Ang-Chua Ee Ling XXXXXXX XXAngLC.jpgDr Ang Lai Chiang

Category 9 : Infocomm
Category Manager : Mr Joseph Tan Choo Kee
Assistant : Mr Koh Kim Tian
TanCK-4.pngMr Joseph Tan Choo KeeXXXXXXXXXXXXkentpic16.jpg.pngMr Kent Cheong

Category 10 : Future Trends
Category Manager : Mr Daniel Siew Wenjie
Assistant : Mrs Ng Mui Eng
Daniel-5.pngMr Daniel Siew WenjieXXXXXXXXXxXXXXXXNgME-3.pngMrs Ng Mui Eng

Category 11 : Engineering Science
Category Manager : Mrs Ng-Ang Siew Hoon
Assistant : Ms Boey Soek Bing
AngSH-4.pngMrs Ng-Ang Siew HoonXXXxXXXXXXXXXXXBoeySB-3.pngMs Boey Soek Bing

Consortium Research Coordinators:
Aphelion: Ms Denise Chung
iSpark:Mr Mervin Cohen
Ortus: Mrs Rachel Chan
ProEd: Mdm Jaya Ranee

mervin_photo.-1.jpgMr Mervin Cohenxxxxxxx Denise.jpgMs Denise Chung

Ranee-4.pngMdm Jaya RaneeXXXXXX Lim Yah Ling .png Mrs Rachel Chan